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Inc Reviews Business Lessons From Kindergarten

Inc Reviews: 'All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten' - Lessons in Business

Learned In KindergartenIn this installment of Inc Reviews, we will look at business ethics. It turns out that everything you learned in kindergarten plays a major role in the success or failure of your business. When reviewing this post, keep in mind that none of this is new information...but we all need a reminder once in a while. This post is adapted from Robert Fulghum's work in "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten."

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Inc Reviews: Lessons for Employees

SHARE EVERYTHING. When reviewing some of the best managers and business leaders, it’s important to note that there is a strong sense of SHARING. In Kindergarten we learned not to horde materials or be stingy. The same is true in business. To have a successful and long-lasting business, employees need to have a sense of sharing, not only amongst them, but also from you as a manager. Freedom of information is key here. Don't horde your information. Share it with your key people.

PUT THINGS BACK WHERE YOU FOUND THEM. This one you probably should take pretty literally – and also metaphorically. So many people wait for others to pick up the pieces after they have made a mistake. It's important that your staff responds quickly and respectfully to mistakes and set-backs. More importantly, they understand the accountability to clean up their own messes within the corporation.

DON'T TAKE THINGS THAT AREN'T YOURS. An employee taking other employee’s yoghurt out of the company break room fridge is one thing; CEO's siphoning off company funds for personal use is another. Everyone in your company should be respectful of others' belongings, work, and yes...funds. The economy only allows people to cheat for so long before it gets rid of them. Cheaters always get caught. If you have any signs of employees committing fraud, address the situation immediately and get them out of your business if the situation commands it. An effective manager frequently reviews company policy on fraud and the implications with new hires on their first day. Your company should ‘ooze’ integrity.

Inc Reviews Kindergarten Lessons for Managers

PLAY FAIR. The sense of bureaucracy and an uneven playing field in a company is a de-motivator. Why would someone want to do their best and excel when they know that it doesn't matter because the other 'favorites' will get preference? Whatever the ground rules are, make sure that you review them frequently with your staff and that everyone plays by them.

DON'T HIT PEOPLE. Don't take this too literally. Most companies aren't full of employees running around hitting each other. However, you wouldn't believe the water cooler comments that can be very damaging to morale. Be sure that your employees feel safe in a non-threatening environment where all ideas and opinions are welcome and respected, as long as they are respecting others’.

SAY YOU’RE SORRY WHEN YOU HURT SOMEBODY. Business can be hectic…we all know that. Sometimes we can be harsh in our lessons and holding people accountable. Upon review, the golden rule applies here. Treat others as THEY would want to be treated. Even if YOU can handle a little abuse here and there, that doesn’t mean that others should. If you say something offensive or demeaning…apologize immediately. A proper apology includes three parts. 1: I’m sorry. It was my fault. 2: It won’t happen again. 3: How can I make it right?

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